Super heavy sigh. Here we go again: New tone! Of course, it’s not just the absurd Jesse Jackson who is trotting out the ludicrous “hostage” notion either.

Surprise, surprise!

Next up: The White House, fresh on the heels of a WH official referring  to “extreme members” of the GOP who are being “reckless” and threatening.

Bingo! The same, and lame, playbook. Take a gander at the play being run:

Pitiful. As that Twitter user said, “grow up.” Alas, it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon.

Terrorists. Speaking of negotiating, the sad soul should check out the boom-worthy video from Speaker Boehner. But, you know ,facts are hard.

Oh, well. Case closed. It’s all about HIM.

And the icing on the cuckoo pants nutshell:

What’s next? We await Politico to join in with this:


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