Country star Travis Tritt was heartbroken to learn of this week’s murders at the Washington Navy Yard, but when it comes to preventing future tragedies, he’s not under any illusions about the effectiveness of gun control:

Bingo. As Michelle Malkin pointed out in her column, guns are not the problem. The problem is willful blindness to mental illness and the government’s role in perpetuating that blindness.


Personal responsibility is key.

Tritt admitted that he doesn’t have all the answers:

But his commonsense approach to self-defense goes a very long way. And, unlike Piers Morgan and the rest of the gun-grabbing media, he’s not on a misguided crusade against the AR-15:

When confronted by gun control proponents, Tritt graciously stood his ground:

He’s saving his fear up for the really scary stuff:

Amen to that!

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