Deep gun-control thoughts from Joyce Carol Oates, the best-selling author who once pinned all her Constitution-stomping hopes and dreams on “sizable numbers of NRA members” getting shot:

Hold on … she brought up the NRA without trotting out the race card? You’re slipping, Ms. Oates!

So, enlighten us, Joyce. What leads someone with a firearm to massacre innocents anyway? Wait for it … wait for it … aaaaand … now:

Nice sneer quotes around “tragedy.” Cute, compassionate and super classy.

And note: Shootings aren’t a result of anything to do with, y’know, criminals. Because of course not. Gun-related tragedies — sorry, “tragedies” — are “solely the result of gun business greed.” Even if you’re a gun-grabbing lib parrot like Oates, solely?

We won’t hold our breath waiting for a reply to that tweet.


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