Waah! Guess what Chuck Todd considers trolling: Taking him to task for his own shoddy reporting. No, for serious: Take a look at his douche-whine from Monday.

What? As Twitchy reported, media, including Chuck Todd of NBC, initially erroneously named the dead alleged Navy Yard shooter as Rollie Chance. NBC and CBS were forced to retract after falsely identifying an innocent man as the alleged shooter.

To Todd? Facts, smacts! It’s really your fault for being so meany pants.

Todd continued attempting to excuse the egregious error on Twitter:

Your “hatred” and the fault of law enforcement!

“Real journalists” people!

Twitter users continued to rightly give Todd the business.

He’s not alone.

Chuck Todd is the real victim, you see.

But, hey, maybe he has goals?


As a bonus funny, Media Matters’ Oliver Willis joined in the task-taking with a hilariously self-unaware tweet:

Oh honey.

And Jammie Wearing Fool brings it all home with some words of consolation:

Chuckles! Perfect.


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