We had assumed that Joan Walsh was pro-gun control. After all, she’s written at Salon that America “should be ashamed that there was no gun control drive after [Gabrielle] Giffords was grievously wounded” and praised President Obama’s “gutsy” (and failed) post-Newtown gun control push against the extremist bullies in the NRA who block progress on “gun safety.”

She also demanded that the nation begin a “new conversation about what’s wrong with our gun culture,” including the fact that “we are getting numb to massive gun violence.” Just stop bringing up desensitization due to violent video games, OK? The vast majority of violent video game owners never kill anyone, so there’s no reason to target the games, right?

Having covered video games, Walsh moved on to chess. We’ve all heard the “just a blogger” insult, but no one ever expected to hear Garry Kasparov dismissed as “just a chess champion.” Twitchy has documented Kasparov’s extensive analysis of President Obama’s showdown with Vladimir Putin over Syria, but Walsh chose instead to give Kasparov her “not impressed face.”

Yeah, he’s done some other stuff.

Not yet, but give her 15 minutes.

Again, that “one-sided rant” (a must-read) is chronicled right here on Twitchy. It’s true that Kasparov made no effort whatsoever to make Obama look strong or competent in his utter bungling of the Syrian situation.


We’re glad Walsh could make so many people Super Glad™ with her expert analysis.