On Monday, Musket Morgan was all over the “news” that one of those evil AR-15 rifles used Washington Navy Yard shooting suspect Aaron Alexis to commit its murderous crime.



CNN and the Associated Press are now reporting that Alexis used a purchased shotgun and two stolen handguns. An AR-15 rifle or CNN’s version, an “AR-15 shotgun”? Not so much.

So, naturally, Piers immediately updated his 3.7 million Twitter followers on the latest development. Or not:

How ’bout that?

He’s careful that way! Wouldn’t want to jump the gun, eh Piers?

Morgan, of course, is still a-OK with using the words “gun” and “NRA.” But he’s suddenly nervous about “AR-15.” Hmm.

It’s not like Piers is unaware of the latest developments. He solicited questions via the #AskPiers hashtag …


… and there were plenty of “fun” questions to clue him in.

Givers that we are, Musket, let us help you out. Perhaps some wording like this?

Exit question that’s full of more win than Musket will ever be able to handle:



Still no mention of “AR-15,” but now that he’s been called out, Musket notes “lots of confusion over exactly what guns Wash Navy Yard shooter used.”



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