Golf claps all around. That AR-15 used in the Washington Navy yard massacre? It doesn’t exist, according to CNN’s Pamela Brown’s FBI field office source.

Paging Piers Morgan.

Musket Morgan to the retraction desk.

We’re gonna need a bigger retraction section. And this isn’t the only thing the media may have gotten wrong about the shooting. The number of gunmen and the shooter’s name were also misreported.

Heckuva job on these reports, guys!

If Pamela Brown’s report today is correct, then it seems suspected Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis wasn’t armed with an AR-15 rifle or a so-called “AR-15 shotgun.”

Any chance we’ll hear more on this revelation?

Nah. The type of gun that mattered so much yesterday isn’t of interest today. Nothing to see here. Move along.



Wait for it …


The Associated Press also reports that the shooter “used a shotgun and two handguns, but not an AR-15 assault rifle.” An AR-15 was reportedly found at the scene, but law enforcement officials say it was not used by Aaron Alexis. The AP reports, “It was not immediately clear whether the rifle belonged to a law enforcement or security officer responding to the gun battle.”