Burlington Coat Factory has a perfectly nice Twitter account that goes by the name of @Burlington and provides handy updates on what’s new and hot in the store. The buzz today, though, is coming from @BurlCoatFactory, which has stepped in to interact with Burlington’s “customers” in unexpected (but always polite) ways. For example:

Yes, it’s a parody account. That, or Burlington really needs to hire a proofreader.



“Burlington Coat Fact” is building up its own devoted fan base, but something tells us Burlington would prefer to handle its own social media outreach. The “Glad you stopped in” is a nice touch, though. Maybe they can license that from the parody account; anything but shut it down.

* * *

Editor’s note: Burlington’s official website reportedly was sending customers to the parody Twitter account, but that has since been fixed — or broken, depending on your sense of humor.