True story!

This is CNN.

Ah, real journalism.  Why not just make the chyron text “Musket Morgan wuz here“?

Slight problem with the “news” that the suspected Navy Yard shooter carried a “legally purchased AR-15 shotgun”:

Good thing your gun-grabbing betters really know their stuff.

Radio host Dana Loesch mocked CNN’s snafu on her blog last night:

The network must have binders full of fact-checkers. Thanks, low-info journalists!

You’re not alone.

Luckily for CNN, the science is settled:

Some people mentioned that while the gunman wasn’t using the “AR-15 shotgun” of myth and legend, it’s possible CNN meant “AR-style shotgun.”

It’s unlikely that’s what CNN meant. The “AR-15 shotgun” language made it into the CNN report available on many news websites.

Anyone ever heard of an AR-15 shotgun? Stupidity

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But CNN’s live-blog currently uses this text instead: “Alexis used a legally purchased AR-15 gun.”

There’s an awesome opportunity here for an enterprising gun manufacturer.


And the latest on the “AR-15 shotgun”: CNN’s Pamela Brown says the suspected shooter didn’t use an AR-15 anything.