Welp, it is a day ending in “y” so David Frum felt the need to expose his moral bankruptcy once again.

That didn’t stop him.


First, Henry Winkler jumped the celebri-ghoul shark upon the horrible news of the Washington Navy Yard shooting.

Now comes ‘execrable’ David Frum to jump the ghoulish shark.

Take it away, douchenozzle:

Beyond reprehensible. People have died, Mr. Frum. And you seek to dance on their graves mere hours later? And with idiocy?

The moronic nature of his “arguments” aside, Twitter users gave him the business for being a contemptible ghoul as only Twitter can.


One thing does remain clear:

What sickening act will come next?

Stay tuned, sadly. The morally bankrupt have no shame. See: David Frum.


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