What’s the OFA Truth Team up to this weekend? Golfing with the president? If so, they’d better call in someone from the White House’s Entertainment Advisory Council to sing a song or make a funny video, stat. You see, insurance provider Aflac decided to host a quiz on the Affordable Care Act via Twitter, and it looks like someone’s been spreading mistruths about the most awesome piece of legislation ever written (and rewritten, and rewritten).

So, how much do you know about Obamacare?


Fortunately, Aflac has some videos to help you find out what’s in it. Planned Parenthood, some chapters of which received federal grant money to help push Obamacare, is ready to help as well.

It’s a good thing you can keep your plan if you like it, then. Unless your hours are cut or something — but what are the chances of that happening?