As Twitchy reported, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka was all smiles on his way out of the White House today. While Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have been lobbying to have Obamacare defunded, big labor has instead hoped to be exempted from the Affordable Care Act until it can be taken back into the shop and “fixed” to their specifications. No sooner had the union leaders pulled away in their limos than the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein was reporting that no, there would be no waiver.

He wrote:

Tonight, the effort failed. A senior administration official tells me that the administration “does not see a legal way for individuals in multiemployer group health plans to receive individual market tax credits as well as the favorable tax treatment associated with employer-provided health insurance at the same time.” A Treasury Department letter is being released that lays out the administration’s reasoning in more detail.