Snickering madly! Welp, the sky is blue so Piers Morgan decided to remind everyone of a little something:

Yep. Dumbest. Man. Alive. What did he do to expose his own idiocy today?


Oh honey. Everyone has the right to be stupid, but you really do abuse the privilege. Perhaps there should be an Amendment for that?

Twitter users pulled no punches when providing the bless his heart-y Morgan with some schooling. And delicious mockery:

Ask and ye may receive! National Review’s Charles Cooke weighed in and gave Musket Morgan the business:

He then offered to debate the idjit Piers.

He never took Ace of Spades up his offer either.  Gee, we wonder why?

Yeah, funny that.

Make. It. Happen.

And some exit snark for the win:


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