Cory Booker’s composite thug T-Bone was only the beginning of his troubles. Yesterday, National Review announced its plans to sue Booker in order to obtain more information about the murder of Wazn Miller. Miller was gunned down in Newark in 2004 and died in Booker’s arms. At least that’s what Booker wanted us to believe.

Shockah of shockahs, it turns out he was lying about that, too:

Phil Kerpen published an excerpt from the Newark Police report at the BookerFail blog, stating that a female witness to the shooting held the dying Miller in her arms until police and paramedics arrived on the scene.

More from Kerpen:

This puts Miller in the arms not of Cory Booker, but of a woman who “held the victim in her arms until the police and ambulance arrived.”  And another witness’s statement confirmed that the victim lay “in a girl’s arms bleeding.” The woman gave a complete statement which, we can only hope, will be given to National Review.

Booker, per the report, “rendered aid and assisted in securing the scene.” We commend him for that.  But his dramatic telling (he told this one almost as often as T-Bone) puts Miller in his own arms and omits from the scene entirely the woman who actually held Miller until police and ambulance arrived.

We’re confident, of course, that the mainstream media will follow up on this story any minute now:

Yup. Aaaaaany minute now. In the meantime, we have to ask ourselves:


Ha! You know, if Booker’s lies do put an end to his political career — they certainly should put an end to it — he can still put his talents to good use: