Just prior to Colorado’s recall election, the liberal-leaning pollsters at Public Policy Polling Company conducted a poll of likely voters in Angela Giron’s district (Senate District 3). The poll showed Giron losing by 12 points, a finding that we now know was spot-on but seemed bizarre at the time … so bizarre, in fact, that PPP chose not to publish it.

Now PPP is receiving fire not only from some conservatives but also from FiveThirtyEight editor Nate Silver for its decision to withhold those results from the public.

PPP acknowledges that it routinely withholds results from the public, especially if it there are red flags in the results:

PPP specifically addressed Silver’s complaint:

Silver isn’t backing down:


Washington Examiner reporter Rebecca Berg has only one question:

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PPP has apologized for defending itself in public in response to Silver’s (very public) attacks:

And this guy makes a good point:


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