Alan Salazar, Chief Strategy Officer for Gov. John Hickenlooper, D-Colo., wasted no time spinning today’s recall election results in Colorado. Even before the polls closed, he was trying to spread the meme that the results would be skewed by “vote suppression.”

And he was not the only one.

What is this all about, anyway? As KDVR reported last month, voting by mail was not allowed in today’s races:

After a long day in court, District Judge Robert McGahey ruled in favor of Colorado Libertarians, who’d sued after being denied a spot on the recall ballot because they failed to meet a deadline, put in place by the new election law, to submit petitions within 10 days of the election date being set.

McGahey agreed with the plaintiffs that the state constitution — which has, for 101 years, allowed candidates up to within 15 days of an election to submit their petitions — takes precedence over the new and, ultimately, flawed law.

“I know what this decision means,” McGahey told the court as he issued the ruling around 7 p.m. Monday night, alluding to concerns from county clerks of escalating election costs and from Democrats who worried that the loss of mail ballots, which can’t be printed and mailed to voters in time if candidate signatures are validated so late, will lower voter turnout.

So these Democrats going on about “suppression” apparently believe that Libertarians who complied with the state constitution’s requirements should have been denied a spot on the recall ballot.

Talk about chutzpah.

Some smell desperation:

Let’s hope so.