Syria, Shmyria! Nothing to see here, move along. Because? Bush! Now he is so dastardly, that he single-handedly caused the very end of civilization!

As always, blame Bush is the pitiful response from liberal non-thinkers. But, hey, he cares. And is peaceful and stuff:

Heavy sigh. Perhaps he missed the hilarious new “anti-war” photo.

Twitter users gave the alleged comedian the business:

Hello? Didn’t you get the lame and tired memo? Blame Bush always. His wizard wand of evil knows no bounds! Also knowing no bounds? Lewis’ ego. How dare you disagree with him? Call the waahmbulance!

Pitiful? Take a look in the mirror, toots.

Indeed. Typical.

By the way, Mr. Lewis, perhaps you want to have a little chat with David Axelrod. Did you see him make his case for Syria strikes? He seems to now be President Bush’s biggest booster!


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