Twitter was on fire this afternoon with giddy members of the media and others eager to “report” that George Zimmerman had been arrested for threatening his wife with a gun. Behold the people so many Americans rely on for their “facts.”

And that unverified “reporting” spread like wildfire thanks in part to those “responsible” journalists:

There was also this:

Which was easily answered:

Waiting for the facts is “racist” now?

But the story started to evolve:

What? Say it ain’t so!

None other than George Zimmerman’s brother, Robert, provided the most useful advice when following this story on Twitter and elsewhere:

We see examples of that every day.

At this time we still don’t know exactly what happened or how this story will play out, but we do know that many “early reports” were false.

Update: And the story slowly starts fading:

Editor’s note: The original title has been altered slightly for clarity.