Snicker. Ask for an answer and ye shall receive, Mr. Miller!

Oh yes. It is.

Mary Katharine Ham and Rep. Stockman scored earlier on Monday with their snicker-worthy zingers aimed at John Kerry for his absurd “unbelievably small” remark in defense of Syria strikes. But the mock-tastic tweets did not end there.

First up, some hilarious “quotes”:

Oh, Twitter! Never change. Those are as good as the side-splitting Obama-style “time-sensitive” quotes.

It continued: With more hashtag!

Yep. As Ace of Spades and a fantastic picture noted, anti-war is out and “war is cool” is in.  Just ask actor Richard Lewis: What’s really important? Because, Bush.


What could make this hashtag even better? Some hilarious pic-snarking:

Aching sides!

And for the truth-win:


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