If Schultz were intellectually honest his theme song for the August jobs report would have been “Take This Job and Shove It”:

Earlier today some wondered where the “BOOM crowd” had gone. The “BOOM crowd” are the people who usually comes out and trumpet the “positives” after the release of monthly jobs reports, no matter how stagnant.

The August jobs report was particularly gloomy, but that didn’t stop MSNBC’s Ed Schultz from becoming a one-man “BOOM crowd” by not only accusing Fox News of mis-reporting about the economy, but playing “Taking Care of Business” while doing so to prove that, yes, the Obama administration is taking care of business. See what Ed did there?

Try and watch this clip without laughing:

Now that guy is funny!

There you have it: The reason the labor force participation rate has hit a 35-year low is because Fox News doesn’t say the participation rate has never been better, or something.