It’s totally not Obama’s fault! He’s just not that into you, world. As Twitchy readers know, President Pass-the-Buck offered up a number of absurd remarks on Syria on Wednesday. He not only said that it is Congress‘ credibility on the line (unprecedented jackassery!) but he also claimed to have never drawn the red line. The mockery was swift and sure, including a side-splitting Photoshop that author Brad Thor called “so wrong.”

Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto helped kick off more righteous slamming with #ObamaExcuses:

Aching sides! Other Twitter users got in on the hilarious action:


Presidenting is hard!

Ha! Because, racist!

Twitter recently captured the Obama presidency in one “slacker summation” photo. Taranto swoops back in for the win to do the same. He summed up the Obama presidency in a snark-tastic nutshell.



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