Actress Patricia Heaton is one of the few, the proud … a Hollywood star who openly admits leaning right. That’s why instead of tweeting about drowning polar bears or how wealthy white people are, Patricia gets incensed at a video released today showing a university professor ranting against “closet racists” — that is, of course, Republicans.

Partial transcript of the professor’s unhinged remarks via Campus Reform:

“If you go to the Republican convention in Florida, you see all of the old Republicans with the dead skin cells washing off them,” said Penn. “They are cheap. They don’t want to pay taxes because they have already raped this country and gotten everything out of it they possibly could.

The professor is reported to be William Penn. He teaches fiction and non-fiction writing at Michigan State University. He reportedly made the comments on the first day of his creative writing class last Thursday. The university told Campus Reform it is looking into the matter.

Heaton retweeted several tweets critical of Professor Penn:

She also took a well-justified dig at Oberlin College, which is under fire for covering up a racial hoax:

It takes considerable courage and character for a working actor or actress to challenge liberal orthodoxy. Major props to Heaton.

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