Bam-tastic. That photo is racking up the retweets and with good reason. Citizens continue to note the utter hypocrisy of the “anti-war” Left. Anti-war? Ha! More like anti-Bush.


Yep. Guess that was back in the days of yore when dissent was also patriotic. Now? Because, racist!

Ace of Spades takes the hypocritical Left to task as only he can. Media lapdogs don’t escape his righteous wrath either. Of course, media and the Left are concentric circles on a Venn diagram. Take it away, Ace!

Yep. That happened.

He ends with a glorious slam of the shameful Nancy Pelosi:

Fellow Twitter users also continue to point out the glaring hypocrisy:

On the plus side, we have been spared the dancing vaginas so far:


And this Twitter user has an exit scolding for the media lapdogs:

Staggering hypocrisy once again.


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