Who could forget? President Bush certainly didn’t. And he called the Kanye West race-baiting moment “one of the most disgusting moments in my presidency.”

In an interview with “Today” show host Matt Lauer, the 43rd president of the United States revealed West’s rant during a telethon for Hurricane Katrina relief — “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” — was his worst moment as chief executive of the country.

“It was one of the most disgusting moments in my presidency,” Bush confided.

“He called me a racist,” the former president told Lauer. “And I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.’ It’s another thing to say, ‘This man’s a racist.’ I resent it, it’s not true.”

Some reveled in the Kanye-versary:


But for all those gloating today about West’s remarks, here’s a reminder that West said he regretted the attack:

Kanye West is sorry for giving George W. Bush the worst experience of his presidency.

The Grammy-award winning rapper says he regrets saying “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” five years ago in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

“I would tell George Bush in my moment of frustration, I didn’t have the grounds to call him racist,” West said in a taped “Today” interview, which aired on Wednesday.

The singer admitted he was running on “high emotion,” adding that sometimes “we as human beings don’t choose the right words.”

Another thing we’ll never forget: Mike Myers’s face. Screenshot worth a thousand words.


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