An imaginary friend, that is.

Booker’s gone and gotten himself busted on a longtime lie, thanks to some intrepid reporting by NRO’s Eliana Johnson:


Booker’s tales of his trials and travails on the streets of Newark, the city that twice elected him mayor, are familiar, and they have helped to breed an almost mythological aura around the Stanford, Oxford, and Yale graduate. He did, after all, rescue a woman from a burning building last year, sustaining burns in the process. But sources tell National Review Online that the central character in one of Booker’s oft-repeated stories — T-Bone, the drug pusher who the mayor has said threatened his life at one turn and sobbed on his shoulder the next — is a figment of his imagination, even though Booker has talked about him in highly emotional terms and in great detail.

So in order to make stuff change, you have to make stuff up.

Well done, Cory Booker! (See what we did there?)

It’s a perfect plan!

Hot stuff.


Uh, yes please.


Good question. Here’s another one:

What are Gregory and the media gonna do now?

Guess it’s just a “local story”.

Funny, that.



Oh. Yeah. And it’s — as T-Bone himself might say — the shizz:

Check out the rest of T-Bone’s tweets, playas.



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