You might not be reading about Senate candidate Cory Booker’s imaginary friend on BuzzFeed any time soon, but New York Magazine decided the news that Booker’s friend T-Bone doesn’t actually exist was worth a post. From the headline alone, though, you’d think the big scandal is that there’s a drug dealer in Newark, N.J., and the amiable Cory Booker isn’t friends with him.

New York Booker headline

The fact that Booker isn’t friends with T-Bone because T-Bone does not exist is mentioned in the following paragraph. Fortunately, the Star-Ledger has picked up the story, likely in part because Booker told the paper in 2007 that T-Bone “is 1,000 percent a real person.”

Here’s a fun game to play while we wait to see who else picks up on the story.