Nailed it.

As Twitchy reported, today’s March on Washington event devolved into a sickening display of political pandering and demagoguery. And we have America’s Democrats to thank for that:

Nope. Not a single conservative voice was represented — not even the voice of our nation’s only black senator:

This wasn’t an oversight; this was a snub. Pathetic.

And it seems to be a pattern:

Does Sen. Scott not deserve to be heard? Inquiring minds demand to know:

According to a USA Today columnist, because Scott was appointed to his Senate seat rather than elected, he has no reason to participate in the event:

Here’s a much more plausible, far less asinine theory:

Sounds about right. We like this one as well:


Here’s just an excerpt of his remarks (be sure to read the whole thing):

When people ask what motivates me or drives me to serve the public good, I have a simple yet complex answer: I am living my mother’s American Dream. That dream was strengthened by the efforts of Dr. King, Congressman John Lewis and the countless other civil rights leaders who gave so much to build a better future. And nowhere were those efforts more clear than in the messages that came out of the March on Washington.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed. Every parent deserves the chance to see his or her children grow up in a brighter world. And all men are created equal.

As Dr. King wrote in April 1963: “We will reach the goal of freedom in Birmingham and all over the nation, because the goal of America is freedom.” That goal remains, and in my role representing the people of the great state of South Carolina in the U.S. Senate, I work to move that needle forward everyday.

Class act. And this tweeter makes a great point:

Pettiness is for liberals. Sen. Scott doesn’t play that game.

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