The New York Times has confirmed that its website has been taken offline by hackers, likely as part of a “malicious external attack.”

The Syrian Electronic Army, which has quite an impressive record of hacking into media outlets, hasn’t claimed responsibility, but some are already pointing fingers.

Uh oh: Some are reporting problems with the Wall Street Journal as well.

The New York Times isn’t the only one whose DNS seems to have been taken over. This is big.

Someone calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army has claimed credit for hacking Twitter.

Business Insider is reporting that the disappearing Wall Street Journal paywall isn’t the work of hackers but an attempt by the Journal’s marketing folks to scoop up some of the Times’ displaced readership. Clever, or cold?

* * *

Update: The Huffington Post UK has been compromised as well.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets and the headline amended to reflect developments.


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