The Children’s Place recently faced a tsunami of criticism over a “math is hard” T-shirt for young girls, but today “3rd Rock from the Sun” and “The Exes” star Kristen Johnston launched her own one-woman campaign against fashion boutique Kitson and its line of drug-themed football jerseys.

Kitson wasn’t amused by Johnston’s since-deleted “threat.” She is the competition, after all, having designed her own shirt to benefit Sobriety, Learning And Motivation, or SLAM, in its effort to build New York City’s first “sober high school.”

@kjothesmartass Ms. Johnston do not threaten our customers. Please remove this threat or we will forward this to the authorities. Buy tee shirts, not drugs.

There are few things more sad than a child lost to addiction. On a totally unrelated note, look who’s a fan of designer Brian Lichtenberg’s new line.

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Some are criticizing Kitson’s response as heavy handed, although this is an upmarket celebrity boutique in L.A.; maybe this is their version of “nice.”