Oh dear. This is how those Twitter death hoaxes start, isn’t it?

It’s not that we’re looking for idiocy in Jesse Jackson’s tweets. It just keeps falling into our laps.


On Thursday, Jackson tweeted that the alleged thrill killing of Australian student Christopher Lane by three “bored” teens was “frowned upon.” Today, he’s weighing in on the murder of … Christopher Lee. And whether Jackson is addressing violence against Lee or, ahem, Lane, his signature outrage is still conspicuously absent.


From his Facebook post:

The recent incidents of violence in America most notably the murder of Christopher Lee an aspiring student athlete from Australia in Oklahoma and the attack of a student on a school bus in Florida once again calls each of us to a collectively resist all forms of violence in our society.

We’re not alone in frowning upon getting Lane’s name wrong.

Hey, JJ, keep digging!


Jackson quietly deleted his “Christopher Lee” tweets and Facebook post without acknowledging the error or apologizing for getting Lane’s name wrong. Classy.