As Twitchy reported earlier, Rev. Jesse Jackson finally commented on the Oklahoma murder of Australian student Chris Lane by three teens who said they did it “for fun.” Jackson said in a tweet that this “senseless violence is frowned upon.” Frowned upon? Those words seem to downgrade horrible crime to somewhere in between “running into the grocery store to pick up some milk in your underwear” and “snapping your gum in study hall.”

Tweeters noticed a distinct lack of outrage and are letting Jackson know the kinds of things that are “frowned upon,” and cold blooded murder is not one of them:

Don’t strain yourself! Frowning involves muscles and stuff!

Will we hear about more frowny faces before the day is through?

Eventually the hashtag #FrownedUpon was born:

Ha! Yes, definitely frowned upon.


Here’s a winning twofer: A jab at Jesse Jackson’s pathetic understatement combined with a television show promotion:

Nicely done!