Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin is an outspoken opponent of Common Core educational standards. The New York Times’ Bill Keller and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush don’t like that. And yesterday, tucked safely behind their computer keyboards, the men took turns flinging poo at Malkin for daring to be critical. But if given the chance, do they have the guts to crawl out and actually step into the debating ring? Malkin wants to know, and frankly, so do we.

Talk radio host Hugh Hewitt would be more than happy to provide a forum for discussion:


Well, gentlemen? What’ve you got to lose? Besides your bravado, that is:

Heh. Neither can we.

So, what say you, Governor Bush and Mr. Keller? Some people aren’t convinced that you guys are up to the challenge:

Care to prove them wrong? Or do you want to just admit that you don’t stand a chance?





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