Looks like 16 was the magic number. After despicably dragging its feet, the DNC has at last decided that maybe, just maybe, it’s time for Filthy Bob Filner to go:

From CNN:

“We cannot reassure voters that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for a champion for women unless Democrats walk our talk on equality and take firm action in accordance with our values and stand up for women by condemning his behavior and calling on him to immediately resign as Mayor of San Diego,” reads a draft copy of the resolution obtained by CNN.

The five paragraph resolution, which will be voted upon at the DNC’s summer meeting this week in Phoenix, seeks to distance itself from Filner by emphasizing that the Democratic Party “condemns any person who creates a hostile work place or engages in sexually harassing and humiliating behavior towards women or men.”

It also urges Filner to “face the consequences of his actions, sparing his constituents the embarrassment and expense of a recall election.” If he doesn’t step down the DNC then asks the residents of his city to recall the mayor.

So good of the DNC to consider getting around to considering that Filner is a dirtball. Let’s give them a big hand!


Now, will they take the plunge and collectively call for Filner’s resignation?

It seems like a pretty easy decision to us — a decision that shouldn’t require a resolution in the first place:



Oh, and one additional request:

We think we’re entitled.



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