We’re not sure what inspired him, but comedian Patton Oswalt is setting up the straw men and knocking ’em down today, and he doesn’t care how many redneck white supremacist followers he loses.

And that concludes the “funny” bit.

Is this still part of the bit?

Sorry, “clumsy change” deniers, you’re not off the hook either. You’re probably pro-rape anyway.

Yeah, that “Harriet Tubman sex tape” that right-wing redneck nut job Russell Simmons posted was appalling. And rape is no laughing matter — but if you don’t find rape jokes funny, you’re probably a “self-aggrandizing, idiotic blogger,” right?

Tolerance, guys.

We’re guessing there’s more to come — maybe even a co-hosting gig with Alec Baldwin on MSNBC.

* * *


Can you imagine the effect this Twitter rant will have on his career in the entertainment industry? Patton Oswalt don’t care. Clever followers will be able to read between the tweets, so to speak.

Nice splitting of all those tweets, Patton. We see what you did there.