The cable news networks broke into their scheduled programming earlier this afternoon with the surprise announcement that 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, rescued from her suspected kidnapper last Saturday, would be making an unscheduled statement. That didn’t happen, but Anderson’s father did give a few remarks before heading into a fundraiser being held to help pay for the funeral expenses of Hannah’s mother and brother.

Hannah Anderson did appear on social media site earlier in the week to answer questions about “Uncle Jim” and her six-day ordeal, but warrants released today by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office only served to raise more questions about the kidnapping. What was in the handwritten note investigators reportedly recovered from the burned home where the bodies of Hannah’s mother and brother were discovered? And what were all of those phone calls about?

If something seems strange about the whole case, it’s not just you.

Anderson’s grandparents released a statement saying that Hannah “hasn’t yet faced the reality of the loss of her mother and brother” and was simply putting on a happy face for the public. That could be it, right?

Update: A DNA swab test kit was found at the burned-out property of suspect James Lee DiMaggio, according to NBC San Diego. [Editor’s note: NBC San Diego now says the DNA test kit belonged to law-enforcement investigators and was not found on DiMaggio’s property.]

Anderson’s odd comment upon being discovered by horseback riders in Idaho is also receiving attention.

Here’s the selfie published by Anderson on earlier this week: