Sadly no. The feminist Left’s perverse glorification of Texas State Senator Wendy Davis continues.

In an article ironically titled “Stand and Deliver,” Vogue magazine glamorizes the rabidly pro-abortion Davis (who would rather not see babies make it to delivery), taking care to fawn over her filibuster and her fashion sense:

Feminists can’t contain their glee:

She’s, like, such an inspiration!

Finally, a story that truly deserves women’s attention! Oh, wait:


Nope, no mention of that. The editors probably just couldn’t find room in the article, what with having to include all that stuff about “her Barbie-doll looks.” Yes, that’s right. After the outrage over some conservatives referring to Davis as “Abortion Barbie,” Vogue compared her to a Barbie doll. Behold the double standards:

It’s sickening. Truly.

This is exactly what Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds has in mind. In December 2012, Reynolds suggested that wealthy Republicans consider launching or buying women’s magazines and websites. In order to change the narrative, you have to take hold of the narrative.

How many more?



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