Yep. President Obama made a statement Thursday morning on the violence in Egypt. As Twitchy reported, journalists and protesters are being shot, churches are being burned and the death toll is rising.

He was late to speak, natch. This Twitter user guesses why:

That’s right: The “coup” word is still not being uttered.

Also assclowns? Lapdogs in the media.

Isn’t he so strong and dreamy?! Squee!

CBS’ Margaret Brennan thinks so!

Whatever, rubes! Y’all just don’t get the “diplomatic circles” nuance-y nuance.

Non-lapdogs rightly take the media to task.

AP enters the mix:

Tell us how you really feel!

What “news” did we get from Obama?

Pathetic. Paper Tiger POTUS strikes again.

What can we expect from him next?



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