Upstate New York towns are all interchangeable in the minds of MSNBC, or rather on its maps.

Reporter George Zornick from The Nation tweeted out the above screenshot from Martin Bashir’s show, noting that his beloved  hometown of Buffalo was rather extremely misplaced on a map of President Obama’s bus tour. (It’s supposed to be on Lake Erie, not the Hudson river.)

But that’s not all that was wrong with this picture.

Actually, not really:


We can debate the meaning of “close,” but it’s probably safe to say that the actual location of Scranton, Penn., is not near the center of the state as suggested by Mess-NBC.

So, that’s four — count ’em —  four cities misplaced by our friends at MSNBC. Between this and last month’s deletion of New Hampshire from an NBC map, you’d think someone could spring for a few interns to double-check these sorts of things.

In fairness, the S&P 500 did rise 4.69 points today.