The Planned Parenthood Action Fund has its sights trained this week on Sen. Ted Cruz, who they say is waging war on women by urging Congress to defund Obamacare. The group might want to take a second look at San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, whom Planned Parenthood heartily endorsed in 2012 as a long-time defender of women. It’s almost as if Planned Parenthood will forgive anything as long as abortion is protected.

What a guy, right?

Women’s right to choose and access to safe birth control are under attack.

For twenty years, Bob Filner has defended women … our right to choice, our right to healthcare, our right to equal pay.

Bob Filner has a 100% voting record on women’s health. He put the Lily Ledbetter Equal Pay for Women Act on President Obama’s desk. Now, it’s the law.

“The war on women can be done at any level,” Filner told a crowd of enthusiastic supporters at a Planned Parenthood rally last October.