What is #MockObamaDay?

As Twitchy reported, evidently a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask must now be entered in the Handbook of Racial Code Words. Don an Obama mask to mock him? Not allowed. The always awesome Dana Loesch laid down the smack in epic style. 

The rodeo clown crisis was then averted when the Mo. State Fair permanently banned the Obama-mask-wearing clown. No, for reals. They did that.

Enter #MockObamaDay:

Boy, did Twitter help them out.


Heh, yes. And airlifts his dog to his vacation home. Or as actor Nick Searcy calls him, “the First Snack.” Searcy also got in on the hashtag action:

Ha! The hilarious skeet shooting flap was a popular mockery choice.

Heh. The hilarity continues: So much to mock, so little time!


Snort! Twitter users had something to say along those lines Monday as well when they mocked The Prancerciser in Chief.

Ah, yes. Geography is so hard! Of course, lapdogs will help him out of those mock-worthy gaffes. Remember: Out: What about your gaffes? In: What gaffes?

Speaking of lapdogs …

Double snort. Keep them coming, Twitter!

Yes. Mockery is always the best medicine. This Twitter user does point a little something out, though:

Ha! Never change, Twitter.


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