Fight like a girl, baby! What had fierce warrior Dana Loesch laying down the smack today? Well, this happened:

That’s right. As Twitchy reported, evidently a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask must now be entered in the Handbook of Racial Code Words.

Yep! Who is up for a little Democrat drubbing? Take it away, Dana (with some help from fellow citizens).


Loesch did curate her epic rant from Sunday night and you can read it all here:

But Loesch and fellow happy warriors weren’t done. On Monday, they continued to rightly slam Democrats and the media (concentric circles on a Venn diagram) and it was glorious.

Yes. And because racist, natch, as actor James Woods recently pointed out in a hilarious photo-slam.

Bingo. Shameless and shameful.


Double bam.

And an exit question for Missouri State Rep. Jeremy LaFaver, who called it a “modern day blackface show.” No, for serious:

Make. It. Happen.

Stay tuned!

Indeed. Must-listen radio.


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