Stop, our aching sides! As Twitchy reported Sunday, journos were squeeing over the big “treat” of being given the privilege of watching Obama golf. No, for reals. They squeed like the wind. Worse, they tweeted out the photo above as “great” … unironically! Oh, journos. Never change.

The photo is, of course, mock-worthy and we knew it was ripe for captioning. Ask and ye shall receive!

The great Iowahawk delivered when he weighed in on the news that Bo the dog (or the First Snack as actor Nick Searcy tweeted) was airlifted to the Obama vacation home.

Other citizens join Iowahawk in the snark-tastic mockery:

Footloose 3: POTUS Boogaloo?


And Iowahawk again brings it all home:

More please, Twitter! Mockery really is the best medicine.


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