A tweet published by Lance Bass, formerly of the pop group ‘N Sync, references the arrest of singing demonstrators at the Wisconsin Capitol.

However, a look at the details of the story shows that demonstrators weren’t arrested for singing, but rather for ignoring the state’s permitting rules.

From the Journal Sentinel:

Meanwhile, the Walker administration said it was committed to enforcing its rules on events at the Capitol, issuing 17 tickets of $200.50 to protesters at the event with 14 more to be mailed out to demonstrators based on video evidence. That brings the total issued since Wednesday to 79 citations for holding a demonstration without a permit, plus three charges for misdemeanors such as disorderly conduct.

“The group is being cited for not complying with the law. …The Capitol police have already stated they would approve a permit for the noontime singers if they would apply. The permit is free, and the group could continue to say and sing the same things they are today,” said Stephanie Marquis, a spokeswoman for the Capitol police and Walker’s Department of Administration.

But the group hasn’t applied for the permit, possibly for a reason:

“Getting arrested radicalizes people,” Dunn said. “It doesn’t intimidate people as much as it strengthens their resolve.”

Some other mentions about this subject on Twitter are phrased remarkably similar to the Bass tweet:


And these are all people in the creative arts?

Olivia Wilde at least mixed it up a little bit:

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