That is curious, isn’t it?

It’s not like there’s much going on in the world lately (other than “phony scandals”) and we all know the Obama administration is the Most Transparent Evah™! Since pickings are slim when it comes to what questions White House reporters Jonathan Karl and Eamon Javers can ask President Obama at his Friday presser, they turned to the Twitterverse for a little inspiration.

Let’s get these guys started.

Sorry, guys. Those questions won’t guarantee a steady supply of “please don’t report on Benghazi” donuts for the press. We’ll accept:

What to ask the president is a also a favorite topic on the cable news nets.

“If you were part of the White House Press Corps,” apparently you’d bat your eyelashes at the Twitterverse and ask for help. Or maybe wait for Jay Leno to do the heavy lifting. Because, you know, reporting is hard.