Yeah, yeah, yeah … by this time, we’re all well aware of the growing number of problems inherent in Obamacare. But at his presser today, President Obama just wanted to reassure us that we’ve got nothing to worry about. Because basically, Obamacare is just like an iPad:

It’s just got some glitches! Get it?

But maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it. If we think about it, we can kinda see where the president’s coming from. Maybe the ACA and the iPad aren’t so different after all:

Heh. Exactly! But if Obama’s to be believed, the biggest threat of all — worse than any virus or glitch — is the Republican Party:

Basically, yes. When asked to explain his selective approach to Obamacare enforcement, the president instead lashed out at Republicans:

Heckuva job, Barry.

Strawmen with glitchy iPads.



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