Femme-a-gogue Naomi Wolf will be in San Francisco to address … wait for it … the OneTaste Orgasmic Meditation Conference, where “OMers” will learn about “OM.” From the conference’s website:

1000 Orgasmic Enthusiasts gathering together to learn, discover, build community, and OM.

A weekend long conference based on all the aspects of Female Orgasm.

The weekend includes:

Lectures given by Nicole Daedone.

Talks about the Medical Benefits of Orgasm given by M.D.’s

How to OM Classes

Private OM Training/Coaching Available

Stroking Clinics

Really. “Stroking Clinics” and “OM Training.”

Brit Hume has been known to work blue on Twitter, and this time, he couldn’t resist crying out “OMG” in response. Heh.

Hume also retweeted this:



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