The only thing that makes Rep. Nancy Pelosi more angry than being referred to (correctly) as Mayor Bob Filner’s “former colleague” is the reemergence of an online Flash game called “Slap Hillary.”

Seeing as the Republican Party isn’t behind the site, if Pelosi is serious about having the game taken down, she might want to address her concerns to @ProjectHillary, the self-described “non-profit, non-partisan advocacy committee” that created it and continues to host it. Or, she could blame the GOP for perpetuating violence against women by refusing to take down a site it didn’t create and doesn’t own. But wouldn’t that be like holding Pelosi responsible for Filner’s refusal to leave office?

Like what?

Wait, are we talking about the game where you slap Sarah Palin, or the one where you shoot a zombie version of Palin?

It’s strange how a stale game that everyone forgot about years ago suddenly is back in the headlines and on Nancy Pelosi’s radar, isn’t it?