Earlier today, Twitchy reported that the current issue of Ebony magazine features four different covers and a call to repeal Stand Your Ground laws.

Somewhere along the way, a rumor started that the Tea Party had called for a boycott of Ebony.

One tweeter insinuated that Twitchy was the source:


Read the Twitchy post that’s linked and there is no call for a boycott of Ebony magazine. As a matter of fact, there has been no Tea Party call to boycott Ebony at all:

The article follows the trail of the rumor only to discover that the “boycott” is nonexistent.

Some are having a good time mocking the “Tea Party boycotting Ebony” false rumor, but it’s still a false rumor, albeit one that won’t go away:


Except, again, no:

We’re sure the party will keep going for some time, regardless of the facts.