It’s not like we didn’t already know that José Canseco has delusions of grandeur. That fact has been documented repeatedly on this site, almost to the point of exhaustion. Still, he continues to amaze, befuddle, and generally confuse the heck out of normal people everywhere.

Tonight, he wants to try to bridge the strained relationship between President Obama and Vladimir Putin, by hanging out with them in Vegas.

Actually, while Canseco has had more than his share of harebrained ideas, this one might actually make a little sense. Obama might be a bit of a third wheel, but we think that Canseco and Putin would get along famously. After all, how could this guy …

José Canseco

not be buddy-buddy with this guy?

It’s a match made in heaven! We can hear the conversation now:

“Yes, José, come to Russia with us and together we will hunt tigers and ride sharks while showing of our excellent pectoral conditioning!”

Either that, or Putin would nod knowingly at his security guards and Canseco would never be seen again.

Twitter, as one might expect, is eating this up.

And finally, the award for best response goes to …

We know we don’t have much pull in the White House — and we probably have even less in the Kremlin — but somebody in one of those two places needs to make this meeting happen! Maybe they could even invite the Iron Sheik to balance out the politics.

Yes! Yes! A million times yes!

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