Stop, our aching sides! You see, by “constructive” he means calling people “slaves” for daring to not walk in lockstep with liberal group-think.

That’s right. Disgraceful Goldie Taylor called Lemon a “turncoat mofo” and Russell Simmons jumped on the vile bandwagon by calling him a “slave.”

Why? Oh, Don Lemon agreed with Bill O’Reilly’s comments regarding the black community and he discussed things his mom taught him in kindergarten. How offensive! Gaze upon some of his comments, if you can bear the traumatizing horror:

Heaven forfend!

The great Larry Elder called out Goldie Taylor and he also gave Simmons the business.

And pointed out another example of Simmons’ staggering lack of self-awareness.

Bam. Self-awareness is hard!

Simmons continued to tweet idiocy:

Other Twitter users joined in calling him out:

Yep. He actually talked about enlightenment. No, for serious.

An exit “fixed it for you”:

Double bam.

Simmons, heal thyself.


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